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At Woods, we believe that education is of the utmost importance – not just for the children of today but for our world tomorrow.

This belief has driven our team, for over half a century, to study how children learn – from a behavioral, ergonomic and cognitive perspective – to develop furniture that is flexible, adaptable and stimulating.

It’s this philosophy that inspires our intelligently designed range of furniture from desks to seating, soft furnishings to storage for both students and teachers alike.

At Woods, we’re for flexible learning.

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Interface is a global flooring company specialising in carbon neutral carpet tile and resilient flooring, including luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and nora® rubber flooring.

We help our customers create high-performance interior spaces that support well-being, productivity, and creativity, as well as the sustainability of the planet. Our mission, Climate Take Back™, invites you to join us as we commit to operating in a way that is restorative to the planet and creates a climate fit for life.

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At AITSL, we believe that student learning comes first. We’re committed to improving teacher expertise.

Initial Teacher Education:  Quality teaching starts with high quality teacher preparation. We provide support, resources and tools to ensure every pre-service teacher is classroom-ready upon graduation.

Teaching:  We help teachers be the best they can be and provide the tools to maximise their impact of student learning.

School Leadership:  We help school leaders become highly-effective by giving them the tools, resources, policies and practices needed to succeed in this important leadership role.

Spike@School makes it easy for you to build an engaging school website. Use Spike@School to make anything from pages to learning caves, image galleries to online stores. Our modules assist you in creating the content you want to create.

Your job is tough enough without having to spend ages working on your website. Sure, it takes time to create great content, but we want to make sure you don’t waste time grappling with awkward and complicated tools. That’s why we’ve designed Spike@School from the ground up with teachers in mind. Our experience in schools has allowed us to make a website management system that is both easy to use, and powerful enough to get the job done.

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We ensure young children get the best start in life by supporting and regulating the early childhood education and care sector. We are the largest provider of public education in Australia with responsibility for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population.

The department regulates preschools, long day care providers and all public schools in order to protect young children.

The department oversees policy, funding and compliance issues relating to non-government schools.

Silver Sponsors

Amneris Pty Ltd is a 100% Aboriginal owned and controlled media, marketing and communications company committed to changing the narrative to build positive futures for Australian Indigenous communities.  Contact them for events, video production, websites, public relations, advertising, media and any comms or digital marketing campaigns at amneris.com.au.

Nancia Guivarra is the founder and has worked for the National Centre for Indigenous Excellence, the Stronger Smarter Institute and currently provides sponsorship for the National Aboriginal & Torres Strait islander Principals Association (NATSIPA).

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Aboriginal Affairs works with Aboriginal communities to promote social, economic and cultural well-being through opportunity, choice, healing, responsibility and empowerment.

We implement OCHRE, the NSW Government’s plan for Aboriginal affairs, establish partnerships for economic prosperity, support effective Aboriginal community governance and strengthen cultural identity and language.

As part of the NSW Public Service, Aboriginal Affairs adopts the following values:  Integrity, Trust, Service and Accountability

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SAPPA is a recognised and respected association of primary school leaders, providing a valued and distinctive voice for South Australian Government primary schools.

Our purpose is to provide advocacy and support for primary school leaders and to promote and influence primary education, including the development of policies and practices within the Department for Education (DfE).